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Reversing climate change with biology

We unleash nature's potential to support farmers and protect our planet

Our living microbes unleash the true potential for breakdown of silicate rock in soils 


  • Removing carbon from the atmosphere in a natural process and delivering nutrients to crops and the land

  • Enhancing yield while reducing the need for expensive crop inputs

  • Locking carbon away as natural minerals that last for thousands of years 

Data-Driven Agriculture

We use global and regional data to power the design and development of our agricultural products. Our proprietary Toposight Technology provides critical insights into how our microbes will survive and thrive in specific soils. We use this to develop microbial products that perform where they’re needed most - in your field.

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Living Innovation

We develop precision biologics using our proprietary methods and the latest technologies from Ag Tech and Synthetic Biology. In addition, we work with an extensive network of talented scientists, academic experts, and industry leaders to ensure that our products remain best in class. Syntopa biologics are built with innovation from lab to field.


We envision a future where agriculture supports our producers and rural communities, feeds a hungry planet, and is a net benefit to the environment. Our living microbe products work by accelerating the natural carbon cycle in soil, which not only reduces CO2 in the air, but also reduces a farmer's need for fertilizers and pH-stabilizing practices like liming. As a result, agriculture with Syntopa is more productive, more profitable, and more sustainable.

Our Partners

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